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Ficlet: Plucky (Zoro/Nami, G) 
01:26pm 07/07/2011
  Title: Plucky
Pairing: Zoro/Nami
Words: 240
Rating: G
Notes: For 100_women, prompt "beauty".

It was merely an annoyance.
30 SanZoNa Pieces and next round sign-ups! 
04:09pm 05/11/2009
  30_onepiece has just finished its first round with 6 finishers, and one of them was me! You can find all thirty S/Z/N pieces under my set#01 tag.

And! We're now taking sign-ups for round two! Theme set #2 is inspired by Baroque Works (covering Reverse Mountain to the end of Drum) and the claims post can be found here. All single characters are available, as are most pairings -- and if you hurry, the San/Zo/Na claim is still open sorry, S/Z/N is now taken. If you're up to the challenge, then drop on by and have a look!

EDIT: Nov 12/09
09:37am 08/07/2009
  dixxymouri and I have started a 30-kisses type challenge with One Piece fans in mind. 30 Pieces is a One Piece fanfiction claims community with a twist - ever changing theme sets, two different levels of completion awards, your choice of a single character claim, a couple claim, or even a threesome (or moresome?) claim! Please check us out and sign up! The first challenge begins on August 1!

The SanZoNa claim is already held (*blush*) but any pair or single-character claim of the three is still available, so come take a look!
First Post Here 
01:47am 14/05/2009
  I'm doing a little song-fic series over at ff.net, and since this one was appropriate to this group, I thought I'd post it here in case anyone is interested!

Title: That's What You Get
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi and (omigosh) het, very mild threesome
Pairings: ZoNaSa, and any and all combinations of that
Spoilers: Nope
Word Count: 2956

08:40pm 30/11/2008
(x2) Final Fantasy VI (group, Terra)
(x4) Final Fantasy VII (group&Tseng/Aeris, Aeris, Vincent, Yuffie)
(x2) Final Fantasy VIII (group)
(x2) Kingdom Hearts II (2 Xigbar/Larxene)
(x2) One Piece (2 Zoro/Nami)
(x3) Cowboy Bebop (Spike, 2 Faye)


01:08am 01/06/2008
  Hello, first post here. This is a thing I wrote and posted a few weeks ago on FF.net. 
Title: Dawn 
Rating: T? I think...
Author: Nonoji
Summery: midday, evening and dawn on the Sunny. 
Fic notice! 
05:48pm 18/01/2008
  I wrote a fluffy little ZoNa for the latest fic/art exchange at op_exchange.

Title: Love is Like Mistletoe
Written for: celest
Request: Mostly Zoro/Nami - mistletoe (is a parasite); with a side order of "Chopper saves Christmas" and "Strawhats' tree decorating contest" ;)
Rating/Warnings: Well, it's Strawhats, and it's Zoro POV, and he does not speak politely, especially, I should imagine, to himself. Let's call it PG, shall we?

Here's Part 1, and here's Part 2. Enjoy!

crossposted to a couple of relevant places, sorry to anyone who gets it extra times!
(Fic) Dirt (Nami/Zoro/Sanji, NC-17) 
08:49pm 18/12/2007
  Title: Dirt

Pairing: Nami/Zoro/Sanji
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1580
Timeline: Skypeia

Notes: Masturbation, voyeurism.

Summary: It's the middle of the night, and Nami goes digging for trouble.

( She hates the idea of losing control, of being dominated, but there’s something about watching the way Zoro’s hand at Sanji’s jaw tilts his head, exposes his throat to Zoro’s teeth, that makes her tremble. )
drawings Nami/Zoro 
07:13pm 31/07/2007
  Hello, it's  my first post here : i like Sanji/Nami/Zoro, but, I LOVE Nami/Zoro... so, i show two drawings by me.
Enjoy                  ...and comment please   ^_^

click on the pictures to see:
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(Fic) Marked (Nami/Zoro/Sanji, NC-17) 
05:44pm 25/06/2007
  Title: Marked

Pairing: Nami/Zoro/Sanji
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2703

Notes: Threesome. For geuna's request at sanji_is_a_slut.

Summary: Mysterious interlopers would not be tolerated.

( From that first whimpering groan, he had belonged to them. )
PIC (In progress) 
07:52pm 26/04/2007
  Thought you guys might like this picture I'm working on.................
.....It has tiger zoro, fox sanji, and cat nami ...(under a cheery tree..)

cross poseted from capslock op

Fancy sharing the Sanji-sandwich loving...? 
09:54am 16/04/2007
  Love the Sanji-love? Wanna see him finally get the girl? Get held down and ravished by the guy? Felt up inappropriately by enemies? Participating in Nakamaship? Loving himself, in the very best way? Enjoying inanimate objects?

Then please join us at sanji_is_a_slut, the community for watching Sanji love/kiss/hump anyone and everything!

If you have any fic, drabbles, art, meta or vids that focus on Sanji getting some, be it with another character or even loving himself, please share it with us.

To celebrate the grand opening of Sanji's legs the community, and to get started on archiving the Sanji-loving, we're holding a Recycling Month! Want to share some of your older work? Come find out how.
More fic linking :) 
09:01pm 11/04/2007
  Because, on further reading, this group allows fics for various sub-pairings of the theesome, and because it's vaguely possible some of you haven't seen it yet, I bring you this Previously Written Piece. ;)


Title: Substitute (in three versions)
Pairings: ??xNami, varied by version
Rating: hard R verging on X; no kiddies, kplzthx
Warning: graphic het sex, utter PWP-ness
Summary: ...because nakama are there for each other, and she...

For your reading pleasure, I have the Ambiguity version, the Sanji version, and the Zoro version - depending on who you really wanna see on top. ;)
fic linking 
09:35pm 02/03/2007
  In honour of Sanji's birthday, and because the topic of the week over on OPY100 is "Sanji wins"...

( here's a fake cut to a little OT3 drabble ).
06:52pm 10/02/2007
Title: N/A (I'm lazzzyyy)
Rating: General
size: big enough. but not too small ^___^

Bean bag loveCollapse )
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Sapluff! Umm...yeah 
05:38pm 03/02/2007
mood: tired
Tis quiet in the den, so a little introspective drabble popped up and bit me. Enjoy -

Title: The poetry of Observation
Rating: G (mon general!)
Summary: Poem/Fic that starts out with Nami's POV and ends with Sanji & Zoro's POV. The words in italics are from the piece written by Sam Levenson. Hopefully this will turn out the way I hoped it would ^_^
WordCount: Umm...Pass?

And link title is totally irrelevant to it's contents! Yay!

A bandage, which is needed for a cut Collapse )
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Somehow, this threesome is flufftastic for me. 
08:22pm 13/01/2007
mood: sleepy
Title: Common Comforts
Author: Cptn_shinigami
Rating:G for general though some may consider it PG?
Warnings:Bean-bag snuggling.
Pairings: San/Zo/Na/Beanbag

*squiggles* I'm in a fluffy mood.If I were in a furry mood Chopper would somehow be involved That, and I heard that the community was resembling Luffy and his swimming ability.

Beanbags are evil?Collapse )
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Let's start the new year with a fic! 
10:51pm 03/01/2007
  Title: Not a Bad Little Place
Author: Bronze Tigress
Rating: PG-13 (some language, implications)
Warnings: not really
Pairings: San/Zo/Na implied; whether for real or merely for appearances is up to you.

Excuse: Because Sanji needs to stand up and win, once in a while, 'cause, y'know, he kicks butt. Literally. ;) And *I* need to stop playing with this fic and just post it already.

readme.hereCollapse )
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12:14am 05/12/2006
mood: rejuvenated
Whatever happend to this place? It's such a good idea but has no support in the fandom! Come on! We are the only ones who actually like this threesome, we must keep it alive!! Don't give up just because of inactivity! We live and if no one else will I'll comment on anything you guys find or write like ten times with different alter-egos!!

*poke poke* 
09:26pm 12/10/2006
mood: curious
Anyone alive in here still? I'm asking 'cause I've got fics (yes, plural) in progress that would be perfect community material, but the place seems pretty dead...
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