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Fried Green Tangerines are delicious

Fan tested, Pirate approved

~Mmmmmm SanZoNa~
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Welcome to Fried Green Tangerine, the community for fans of the Sanji/Nami/Zoro threesome! Just a few ground rules before you start having fun:

1) No bashing. We mean it. We're all nice, sane people who share a love of hawt three-way porn. No need to get nasty.

2) No drama. Please. We don't need this community getting F_Wed on a regular basis.

3) Posting of fanfics is more than welcome. That's what we're here for! Just place all fics except for drabbles (100 words) behind an lj-cut. P.S.: we like recs, too!

4) As well as being Sanji/Zoro/Nami, fanfics of sub-pairings (Sanji/Zoro, Nami/Zoro, and Sanji/Nami) are also welcome.

5) Fan art and icons are also more than welcome. Just place large pictures and posts of more than three icons behind an lj-cut (you can have a "teaser" -- material placed before an lj-cut -- of up to three icons).

6) Place ALL adult art and fics (including drabbles) behind an lj-cut, and label it accordingly. "Not Work Safe" or "NSFW" are sufficient. Some members may check their friends list in public and/or supervised places such as work and school.

7) Have fun!

If you have questions about anything, you can contact your maintainers:

staff_of_truth (ibendwaterataoldotcom)
dorknessrising (rachelthedemonatyahoodotcom)
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