Bronze Tigress (bronzetigress) wrote in fried_grn_mikan,
Bronze Tigress

30 SanZoNa Pieces and next round sign-ups!

30_onepiece has just finished its first round with 6 finishers, and one of them was me! You can find all thirty S/Z/N pieces under my set#01 tag.

And! We're now taking sign-ups for round two! Theme set #2 is inspired by Baroque Works (covering Reverse Mountain to the end of Drum) and the claims post can be found here. All single characters are available, as are most pairings -- and if you hurry, the San/Zo/Na claim is still open sorry, S/Z/N is now taken. If you're up to the challenge, then drop on by and have a look!

EDIT: Nov 12/09
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