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Hello, first post here. This is a thing I wrote and posted a few weeks ago on 
Title: Dawn 
Rating: T? I think...
Author: Nonoji
Summery: midday, evening and dawn on the Sunny. 
Zoro saw her staring at the cook as he walked back to the galley. Whenever he turned away from her, whenever she thought no one was watching, her eyes were on the blonde.
The swordsman began to realise that the showy adoration the cook displayed and the cool indifference from the navigator was really, just a cover for something much deeper. He wondered what kind of relationship they really had, but decided it was none of his business.
He closed his eyes, tighter than he needed to.
The sitting arrangements for dinner always bothered him.
Zoro next to Nami.
The shitty marimo next to the beautiful Nami swan.
He watched how their arms brushed when reaching for something, how when they touched they would stay, just a second longer than natural.
He stabbed the captains reaching hand automatically with his fork.
They looked so right, so comfortable together.
He sighed.
She had been curious of what they were always doing at this hour for a while now. For as long as she could remember, the early morning watch had always been taken by either Sanji kun or Zoro.
They insisted.
It was the one thing that she had hesitated to investigate. Fearing not what she would discover but afraid of how she would feel, how she would react.
But she hated this uncertainty and decided last night that she would put her mind at rest, whatever the result.
She crept out of her bed and slowly cracked open the door to the deck, wondering where she would find them.
Her breath caught.
Two figures fought in complete silence, shadowed by the rising sun behind them.
It was beautiful. It was mesmerising. Her eyes started to water from not blinking.
The fight was more intense than with any enemy they had ever fought with. Each movement was perfect, not of this world.
Suddenly they changed speed, too fast for Namis eyes to keep up. Abruptly they halted, both unmoving as statues. The stillness brought attention to the sweat that slowly trailed down from both their skins. Their eyes challenged, dared each other to be the first to move.
As the sun rose higher, she slowly crawled back to bed.
She felt sick. What she saw was something much worse than a simple ‘tumble’ like she had feared. They had something between them that she would never be able to penetrate. They had something that would break, the moment they realised they weren’t alone.
Her pillow soaked in her tears.
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