Bronze Tigress (bronzetigress) wrote in fried_grn_mikan,
Bronze Tigress

Fic notice!

I wrote a fluffy little ZoNa for the latest fic/art exchange at op_exchange.

Title: Love is Like Mistletoe
Written for: celest
Request: Mostly Zoro/Nami - mistletoe (is a parasite); with a side order of "Chopper saves Christmas" and "Strawhats' tree decorating contest" ;)
Rating/Warnings: Well, it's Strawhats, and it's Zoro POV, and he does not speak politely, especially, I should imagine, to himself. Let's call it PG, shall we?

Here's Part 1, and here's Part 2. Enjoy!

crossposted to a couple of relevant places, sorry to anyone who gets it extra times!
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