Salmon Pink (salmon_pink) wrote in fried_grn_mikan,
Salmon Pink

Fancy sharing the Sanji-sandwich loving...?

Love the Sanji-love? Wanna see him finally get the girl? Get held down and ravished by the guy? Felt up inappropriately by enemies? Participating in Nakamaship? Loving himself, in the very best way? Enjoying inanimate objects?

Then please join us at sanji_is_a_slut, the community for watching Sanji love/kiss/hump anyone and everything!

If you have any fic, drabbles, art, meta or vids that focus on Sanji getting some, be it with another character or even loving himself, please share it with us.

To celebrate the grand opening of Sanji's legs the community, and to get started on archiving the Sanji-loving, we're holding a Recycling Month! Want to share some of your older work? Come find out how.
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