cptn_shinigami (cptn_shinigami) wrote in fried_grn_mikan,

Title: N/A (I'm lazzzyyy)
Rating: General
size: big enough. but not too small ^___^

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*squeeee!* They're so *cute*! Sanji-kitsune with shiny buttons and the little Kakashi-smiley-eye! And Zoro-tiger's face-stripes look like he's blushing! And the *fangses*! And the pigtails! *squeaks incoherently with joyness* Eee! :)
*squiggles* Oh who am I kiddin? It does make me happy damnit! XD
:D! Nami loves her plushies! Sanjifox looks happy almost beyond his capacity to stand it. :3
(I love her plushieboys too!)
I love her plushie boys too, and I will aquire myself some tiger/fox plushies of the swordsman and the cook and I shall purr happily and melt into a huge puddle of happy fangirl goo.

*cough*...ah...Yes! Though I do hope Sanji has more capacity than his stitching allows or there'll be plush-fluff everywhere! And Nami will need a lot of comfort. Poor Zoro-plush...can he take all that love? XD