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Somehow, this threesome is flufftastic for me.

Title: Common Comforts
Author: Cptn_shinigami
Rating:G for general though some may consider it PG?
Warnings:Bean-bag snuggling.
Pairings: San/Zo/Na/Beanbag

*squiggles* I'm in a fluffy mood.If I were in a furry mood Chopper would somehow be involved That, and I heard that the community was resembling Luffy and his swimming ability.

She should never have accepted the blasted thing. But here it was in the kitchen. Again. And he wasn't even trying to disguise the fact that he had taken it! He merely gave her one of those watery-eyed looks and practically melted in front of her, cooing his 'never-ending apologies of absolute devotion'.

Luckily enough Zoro had also been on the scene, and had readily stepped in to pluck the Navigator out of the Cook-goo and deposit her, lo-and-behold, on it. While she had been thankful that her expensive shoes were free of Cook-goo, she was, to put it mildly unimpressed by Zoro's choice of 'safe-zone'.

As the two argued for some reason or another Nami wiggled, and struggled and battled and eventually slumped into the evil seat-come-pillow. She hated to admit it had been a good gift. It had been Zoro's idea, upon which Sanji had readily agreed to pay for the thing as a joint gift to her. It had surprised her that they had conceded so readily over a gift, and for her at that.
She had at least been expecting something shiny and expensive from the cook (and if she was feeling open, admittedly from Zoro too). But she had received it. With both boys sporting matching smug looks. She had smacked their heads together before stalking off with it, grinning foolishly.

The beanbag was an appropriate sort of turquoise colour, with a pattern of tangerines. It molded into all the right crevices, happily adjusted to her each and every awkward position, made a pleasant 'smoosh' sound when prodded.

Yes, she loved to hate it.

In fact, it reminded her of the two men quietly arguing over something or other on the other side of the galley. She both loved and hated them.

She hated it when Sanji wouldn't stand against her, but gave way like butter to hot knife.
She loved when Sanji said no, when he had refused to do exactly as he told her.
She loved him hen he did in fact know better, and told her so.

She hated him when Zoro pretended to be stupid. When he feigned ignorance for the sake of a few more minutes asleep under the galley table, or where-ever else he deigned a good napping spot.
She loved it when Zoro had finally discovered the difference between left and right. She overlooked Sanji's not so secret flailing behind her to help him.
She also loved it when Zoro stole her tangerines. When he thought that no-one was looking as he stuffed one into his haramaki, looking highly suspicious.

And she couldn't deny that the most attractive thing about them was their quiet moments together. When they would sit at the galley table and drink tea, just watching, taking in...accepting and appreciating...


Sanji stopped speaking, though he was loath to allow the other man the last word he took great pleasure in making up for it with an admonishing glare and pointing at the sleeping angel gracing his kitchen. To his amusement a slightly - though only just visible - regretful look crossed the swordsman's features.

"You only have that in here because you want her to spend more time with you."

Zoro commented dryly. Sanji snorted.

"I also take the lock off the beer fridge so you will t-"

The blond caught himself and turned, busying himself with drying an already dry plate. Zoro snorted at the very shallow attempt to disguise what had been said. He abruptly approached the cook, picked him up and slung him over his shoulder, knowing that any verbal objections would be staunched because Nami was sleeping. He then, with some difficultly caused by the wiggling chef, slowly slid his arm around Nami's shoulders, lifting her forwards.

She stirred and opened her eyes blearily, widening them as she saw Sanji's red faced glare fixed on the swordsman as he remained perched over his shoulder.

"You woke her Oaf!"

A leg, bent at an impossible angle, nudged Zoro pointedly under the chin. He ignored it and shifted the girl under his other arm into a better position for her to stand. As she stood he threw the cook onto the beanbag and promptly dropped himself on it, tugging Nami onto them both.

He then, despite the two other people's objection, proceeded to take his 2nd power nap of the day. Nami turned to Sanji, who had given up without much resistance and settled his chin on the green-haired mans head with a sigh, and happily shoved at them both until she was snuggled up between the two.

Perhaps beanbags weren't such objectionable companions after all. If she could put up with two, then a third would be no trouble.

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